J&J Consulting

J&J Consulting is a family owned and operated business located just west of Denver, Colorado. We have close to a decade of experience in computers to offer you, with a broad and varied knowledge base.

A brief list of our services:

  • Web page design, personal and professional, including CGI programming, Javascript, and database backed web applications.
  • Custom application design for Linux in C, Perl (including perl/tk), and bash scripting. System automation scripts, basic utilities, custom TCP/IP servers and clients, and custom perl modules are all available. Also basic database application design.
  • General Linux consulting for businesses, ISPs, or end users. This includes basic troubleshooting, advice, and tutoring for the Linux operating system.
  • For clients local to us we also provide on site system and network setup for a variety of operating systems and system architectures. This includes setting up major services such as email, web and name services.
  • For non-local clients we can work with on site staff in setting up major services such as email, web, and name services on an existing system.

Check out some of our past and current projects.

Please contact us via email for a quote on your specific project. Each job varies in difficulty and time and resources required, so quotes are based on an assessment of each client's individual needs.

We look forward to doing business with you.

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