xipfwadm - A Tcl/Tk script I wrote, intended to put a pretty face on the linux ipfwadm utility. Still a little shy of perfect, and highly untested, but most definately usable for most of ipfwadm's functionality. Screen Shots available.

IPChains.pm - Perl Module I wrote for manipulating ipchains' rules. Based on the ipchains source code, with interface code generated by SWIG. Still in BETA, but seems reasonably functional so far.

xipchains - A Perl/TK based network manipulation and monitoring utility. Still in development, but coming along rather nicely. Should have a usable beta in a few weeks.

MDBC - Mail Database Client, a web based, database backed, professional E-mail tracking/searching system. Provides:
  • Per-thread user and status assignment
  • Real-time registration checking via E-mail address
  • Online instant registration into database
  • Full backup/restore functionality on a monthly basis
  • Detailed search and sort functionality
  • Extended and condensed output formats
  • Originally written for Xi Graphics' Support Dept.
  • Can be easily cusomized to facilitate any comany's needs
View and try out the Online Demo, look over the full documentation, then E-mail me if you're interested in having this application customized for your business.


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