Since (as I stated later in this document), xipchains was somewhat non-encompassing for the planned project scope, I've changed the name to xipadm. This page is still accessable as xipchains.html, but is also now xipadm.html, and the script is now named xipadm.pl

By popular demand I'm putting up a pre-beta version of xipadm (shift click to d/l, or view and save to file). It has very limited functionality (ie, setting, viewing and deleting rules, viewing counters, saving and restoring profiles ( ipchains-scripts package needed for this), and some other odds and ends), but will serve two purposes.
The snmp section also has some limited functionality, especially nice for viewing tables of data, and general mib browsing with descriptions.

New: First look screen shots for the ipchains and snmp panels (this is all i have close to done so far).

If you're using an unpatched 2.0.x or earlier kernel, please see the xipfwadm page, as it applies to you.

You will need the perl/tk and snmp modules for this application to work at all.
You can obtain these at CPAN.

Also coming soon, a better web page for said application, more information and documentation, etc.

For more ipchains info see my ipchains page.

Actually, xipchains isn't the most accurate title for this project,
since the ipchains gui is only a small portion of the overall
project, but it will do for lack of something better.

So far this program looks like it will consist of 4 parts; an ipchains
and ipmasqadm interface, an SNMP interface, a network traffic monitoring
interface with bar graphs and port watching, and a panel for misc "nifty
stuff", like traffic shaping and the like, with room to add more features
as I discover them.

The entire suite will be written in Perl/tk. The ipchains portion will
use the IPChains Perl module I wrote, the SNMP portion will use the
Perl SNMP.pm module (available from CPAN), the network
traffic monitoring will probably use the libpcap Perl module (also from
CPAN), and I will likely write Perl interfaces to ipmasqadm, and the
traffic shaper functions.

If you have an questions, comments, or suggestions for other functionality
that I might work into this project, please feel free to email me.

This page was last updated 5.19.99