This is a simple Tcl/Tk script that (I think) significantly simplifies the
use of ipfwadm, the linux ip firewall utility.

Ipfwadm is a powerful and versitile program, but is often seen as cryptic
(as is it's man page) by most users. I hope to solve this problem
and provide a means for 'normal' users to take advantage of it's features.

NOTE: This is a somewhat rudimentary application, and has not been
thuroughly tested. A number of people have downloaded it
and I've received no feedback, so I can only assume it works.
If you do find a bug, please email me.

Please note, if you're using a late 2.1.x kernel, or 2.2.x, you're using
ipchains, not ipfwadm. Please look into my ipchains perl module, or
xipchains graphical application.

Now available: Screen shots of xipfwadm demonstrating some of
it's features.

Download xipfwadm v1.0
Shift-Click on link to d/l in netscape, or save to file. dont forget to chmod +x.

Requires Tcl/Tk v8.0 or better, and a working ipfwadm binary
(this is just a gui interface).

Also requires several options compiled into your kernel depending
on which features you intend to take advantage of. These include:
ip firewalling, ip masquerading, ip forwarding, and ip accounting.

Tcl/Tk, ipfwadm (and just about anything you could want for linux)
can be obainted at either Sunsite or RedHat Software
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